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Gothic Rings

Buy brand name rings and unique creations in sterling silver, pewter, bronze and more with and without gem stones.

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700 Fathoms Steampunk Diving Helm Pewter Ring
The most advanced hydro-submersion diving suit created, plunging the oceanic trenches beyond all known depths, this diving helmet ring celebrates the bravery of all intrepid explorers. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is Jules Verne's 1870 classic tale of adventure in the fantastical and great submarine, the Nautilus, commanded by Captain Nemo. It is one of the inspirations for the steampunk subculture that injects steam powered technology into Victorian times. A very unique ring made in m.. Read More
Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Pewter Ring
Large pale green Swarvoski crystal ring is set in a pewter setting with fairy spirits on the side band. An amazing piece celebrating faires and absinthe liquor!! The central portion with the stone is 1 1/8 inches high, 9/16 Inches wide. The shank is 3/8 inches wide at the center back. .. Read More
Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Pewter Ring - Size 10
Large pale green Swarvoski crystal ring is set in a pewter setting with fairy spirits on the side band. An amazing piece celebrating faires and absinthe liquor!! The central portion with the stone is 1 1/8 inches high, 9/16 Inches wide. The shank is 3/8 inches wide at the center back. This piece on sale is a returned item and is in size 10 only. You may order this gothic ring in other sizes. .. Read More
Adderbite Two Finger Snake Ring
A unique piece that always stops traffic! The size refers to the size of the enclosed band where the snakes tail is coiled. About 3 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches high, this is an impressive - and heavy! - ring in fine English Pewter. Can be worn several ways - see additional images for examples. .. Read More
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AGLA Kaballah Pewter Ring
The central Kabbalistic sigil is 'Agla', which stands for 'Thou art mighty forever, O Lord' under a dome of translucent red enameling. The remaining four seals are for love, memory, safety, and peace. An elegant and meaningful pewter ring. .. Read More
Anchors Aweigh Pewter Ring
Solid pewter with black enamel... Read More
Angels Eye Pewter Ring
The Seal of Metatron, including the pentagram, is engraved in the back of the crystal eye in this stuning pewter ring. .. Read More
Asphyxia Gas Mask Pewter Ring
A unique piece, this ring is modeled on the actual, frightening gas masks worn by German soldiers in the trenches in World War I. The eyes have glass lenses. Finely detailed pewter. .. Read More
Automatons Eye Steampunk Pewter Ring
A surviving, stand-alone animated integrant of the advanced, life-sized android from the famous workshops of Ezekiel Rosenstein; C 1865. Tri-tone pewter ring with opening eye-lid exposing a realistic, taxidermal eye. Amazing detail and so unique! Overall, it is 1 1/4 inches high and about 1 1/2 inches wide. A brass lever and cog on either side turn the copper inner eyelid to reveal the brilliant blue glass eye inside. A substantial pewter shank and band supports the mechanized eye. .. Read More
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Bed of Roses Pewter Hand Ring
Swarovski crystals glitter from beneath the bright red enamel heart set within this pewter ring... Read More
Betrothal Gothic Heart Pewter Ring
Perfect as a Gothic engagement or wedding ring,  gorgeous gothic scrollwork frames a deep red enamel heart in this fine English pewter ring by Alchemy Gothic. Heart is 1/2" tall, band is 3mm wide. .. Read More
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Britannia Gem Deep Blue Pewter Ring
Victorian Jewelry often featured scrolls and fanciful creatures such as the stately lions heads on either side of this rings shank. A deep, deep blue faceted Swarovski crystal stands in contrast to the fine English pewter mount.  Fine English pewter ring with Swarovski crystal in dark blue. .. Read More
Broken Heart Gothic Skull Pewter Ring
Perfect as a Gothic engagement or wedding ring,  gorgeous gothic scrollwork and roses frames a skull on either side - one hidden beneath a pure red enameled heart. Band is about 3/8 inches high. .. Read More
Brushed Tungsten Ridged Ring
This 6 mm wide Tungsten carbide band is a solid, manly ring perfect as a wedding band. It has a central ridge design giving it a lot of character Tungsten Carbide with Nickel binder 100% Cobalt Free - Hypoallergenic Non-tarnish 5x harder than steel – virtually scratch resistant EverShine finish does not need polishing .. Read More
Caput Mortum Pewter Skull Ring
A reminder of the mortality of us all. Skull heads are 8mm on a band that is 6mm wide. .. Read More
Celtic Design Black Tungsten Ring
Intricately etched Celtic knot pattern all the way around the 8mm band ring. It comes in whole sizes 8 - 13 as well as 8.5 and 12.5... Read More
Celtic Theurgy Pewter Ring
Pewter ring adorned with Celtic knotwork and pentagram, an ancient occult symbol of power, protection and magic. .. Read More
Chaos Signet Pewter Ring
Chaos magick symbol signet ring is enameled in black. The Symbol of Chaos originates from Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion stories. In them, the Symbol of Chaos comprises eight arrows in a radial pattern. In contrast, the symbol of Law is a single upright arrow. It is also called the Arms of Chaos, the Arrows of Chaos, the Chaos Star, the Chaos Cross, or the Symbol of Eight. This symbol has been subsequently adopted into the pop-cultural mainstream, turning up in such diverse p.. Read More
Charnalite Skulls Gothic Pewter Ring
Pewter skull ring is gruesomely detailed. .. Read More
Corruption Snake and Skull Pewter Ring
Pewter ring with 2 skulls and snake... Read More
Cross of Iron Medieval Ring
The Iron Cross represents strength, virility, and power. This very masculine designed Medieval ring has nail head accents in fine English pewter. .. Read More
Death Skull Pewter Mens Ring
Pewter skull ring by Alchemy Gothic. .. Read More
Demi Alchemist Two Tone Pewter Ring
Pewter skull ring by Alchemy Gothic. .. Read More
Deus Et Natura Bronze and Pewter Ring
The solid bronze central band reads "Deus Et Natura No Faciunt Frusta", which is Latin for "God and Nature do not work together in vain." The pewter edge inscription adds "Nature will always win through." Approx. ½" wide. .. Read More
Dr. von Rosensteins Induction Principle Ring
Delicate brass band is set within bands of pewter in this unique ring. .. Read More
Draconis Celtica Dragon Enameled Pewter Ring
Finely detailed pewter band with Celtic Knotwork holds a fearsome dragon at bay - who can only gaze thru his prisons murky waters. This pewter dragon ring is set with deep blue enamel about 1/2 inch across. .. Read More
Duster-Face Pewter Ring
Polished & pierced, solid pewter ring. A masculine design perfect for your favorite bad-ass!.. Read More
Earthly Delights Huge Crystal Snake Pewter Ring
Huge, green Swarovski crystal is stunning mounted horizontally in pewter entwined by a detailed snake. .. Read More
Elizabethan Gothic Pewter Ring
Presented here in fine English pewter as a romantic ring with a faceted amethyst crystal heart centerpiece. Crystal is 8mm, band is 15mm wide. .. Read More
Eye of the Devil Pewter Ring
This haunting ring looks back at you with a blood red Swarovski crystal eye set in fine English Pewter. .. Read More
Flocking Raven Black Bird Ring
Finely detailed black raven or crow makes a beautiful gothic ring.  Made of pewter by Alchemy 1977 in the UK. .. Read More
GMT Feromonic Field Detector Steampunk Ring
Two-tone steampunk style ring features a brass plate calibrated as a "gender gauge" and moveable pointer. The face and sides are formed in classic pseudo-industrial art deco, as if it were a miniature working instrument. Face is 3/4" (20mm) tall, band is 4mm wide. .. Read More
Hells Doorman Pewter Demon Ring
Pewter ring finely detailed skull with rams horns... Read More
Hi-Roller Dice Pewter Ring
Pewter ring with dice... Read More
Hi-Voltage Toric Generator Steampunk Ring
Industrial-looking wrapped copper center , flanked by angular edging with mysterious degree markings and decorative bolts on the sides. Fine English pewter ring by Alchemy Gothic, band is 12mm wide. .. Read More
High Ball 8 Ball Pewter Ring
Based on the classic '8 ball' symbol, with etched black cabochon & etched shank in pewter... Read More
In Memoriam Gothic Cross Pewter Ring
Black enameled cross ring in fine English Pewter. .. Read More
John Dee Book of Angel Magic Stash Ring
The magnificent cover of this Angel Magic (Enochian Magic) displays the alchemist glyph of the mystical unity of creation. The book opens to reveal a compartment for your own secrets. Finely detailed pewter with brass inlay and magnetic catch... Read More
Knuckles UL13 Pewter Ring
Pewter fist ring with tattoo UL13 for major attitude!.. Read More
Lord of the Flies Large Pewter Ring
Large pewter ring with contrasting silver-polished pewter wings, beset with Swarovski crystals. .. Read More
Love Hate Double Sided Pewter Ring
Tattoo-style script with red & black enamel; engraved inside... Read More
Moon Phase Optimiser Pewter Ring
Pewter ring by Alchemy Gothic has an inset moon panel. .. Read More
Necromancers Sigil Pewter Ring
Sigil ring features runic symbols around the band and 3 black crystals. Cast pewter ring. .. Read More
Omega Skull Occult Pewter Ring
Covered in alchemical runes and mysterious sigils, this skull ring has cut-through eyes and a fierce grimace. Polished English pewter ring by Alchemy Gothic. Skull is 23mm long, band is 4mm wide. Pewter skull ring by Alchemy Gothic. .. Read More
Or Philosophy Pewter Skull Ring
Two-tone pewter with a black rose between his teeth. .. Read More
Passion Thorn and Blood Drop Pewter Ring
The tortuous thorns of self sacrifice bleed with tears of Swarovski crystal. Beautifully designed twisted thorn pewter ring with sparkling blood red crystals. Imported from the UK, allow extra time for delivery. They average about 2 weeks. Alchemy Gothic jewelry is made in the UK of the finest lead-free pewter. Some pieces include enameling, Austrian crystals, brass, etc. Chains when included are nickel-free of the appropriate length for the piece. Flasks, goblets and other items are .. Read More
Pave Snake Sterling Silver Ring
Rhodium plated sterling silver snake ring. The head and tail of the snake is pave set with sparkling clear cubic zirconia and black cubic zirconia eyes. This ring is available in whole sizes 5-9. .. Read More
Pentagrtion Large Pentacle Pewter Ring
Pewter ring with large pentacle of occult power... Read More
Polished Groved Tungsten Band Ring
A very attractive Polished Grooved 7mm Tungsten Ring with a Brushed Center makes an excellent choice for a gift for a birthday or anniversary. With its grooves every 1/4" that adds a touch of class to this beautiful ring, the beveled edges and brushed center add even more allure to a ring that will win raves wherever you go. Tungsten Carbide with Nickel binder 100% Cobalt Free - Hypoallergenic Non-tarnish 5x harder than steel – virtually scratch resistant EverS.. Read More
Rose of Passion Black Pewter Ring
The rose is studded with seven clear Swarovski crystals on the petals and leaves. Darkly romantic, 'the unattainable black rose bleeds for what cannot be.' Rose is 3/4" across, and band is 5mm wide. .. Read More
Roseus Pentagram Enameled Pewter Ring
About 2/3 inch wide with black enameling in fine pewter. .. Read More
Ruination Skull Gothic Pewter Ring
Pewter ring with large skull... Read More
Runeband Pewter Ring
Pewter band ring is covered with Norse runes. .. Read More
Shadow of Death Pewter Ring
Stunning pewter ring mounded by skulls. Center stone is a deep burgundy, 3/4" long. Full ring is 1 1/8" by 1". Band is 4mm wide .. Read More
Snake 14K Gold Plated Band Ring
Amazingly modern with gorgeous snake, this 14 karat gold plated sterling silver ring is coiled by a snake set with sparkling Cubic Zirconias. The stones are approximately 1mm and the band tapers from 13.5mm to 5mm. This ring is available in whole sizes 6-9... Read More
Starchaser Dragon Hand Spanner Ring
Gliding gracefully between the clouds, the fantastical creature flies to catch the stars from the sky. Beautifully detailed pewter dragon ring spans across your hand. This mythical dragon gothic ring is set with a sparkling crystal. Adjustable. Small fits ring sizes 6-7, Large fits ring sizes 8.5-10. Fine English pewter ring with Swarovski crystal. .. Read More
Steamhead Gearhead Pewter Ring
The first punk automaton, lobotomized to reveal the mechanical workings of this unique period phenomena: two-tone, with moving gearwheel mohican.A unique piece. Finely detailed, 2 tone pewter. .. Read More
Swallow Love Pewter Ring
Large, 2 color enameled Swallow ring with Swarovski crystal heart, crystal 'strings' & etched "LOVE" scroll. Pewter with enameling... Read More
The Great Wish Pewter Ring
Delicate pewter band is accented with a skull and the Latin inscription. Skull is about 3/8 inch high on a 1/4 inch band. .. Read More
The Philosophers Stone Ring
Sat coiled upon the alchemist's Magnum Opus, the ambitious salamander of fate patiently contemplates the indifferent fly of destiny. Fine English pewter ring with finely detailed Salamander and amazing faceted crystal. .. Read More

Gothic Rings

Unique and brand name rings in sterling silver, pewter, bronze and more with and without gem stones. Shop our online collection for brands like Alchemy Gothic and designer pieces.

Rings are sized based on your finger measurements and vary from country to country. Our sizes are shown in US standard ring sizes which are the same for men or women - see our conversion chart on our Size Chart page for international conversion.

If you do not know your ring size, we suggest visiting a local jeweler and asking them to measure the finger you want to wear the ring on as this is the only truly accurate method. See Wikipedia for more on ring sizes.

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Betrothal Gothic Heart Pewter Ring
I love my Betrothal Rings. I wanted UNIQUE Romantic Ancient yet Elegant & Strong Love Rings 2 represent the class of feelings I have 4 my love. Thank u so much 4 creating and capturing that N these Beautiful Hand crafted Rings made especially for me.

Based on 3 reviews.
Adderbite Two Finger Snake Ring
AWESOME! I got this ring for my bf and he loves it! It is pretty heavy but super kewl! Thankyou!

Based on 3 reviews.
Automatons Eye Steampunk Pewter Ring
i bought this ring to wear with my Pirate costume. I was wesring an eye patch so I told everyone I put my eye in the ring!! THIS IS A FUN PIECE!!

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