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Lady Gaga in Beyond boot at Victoria's Secret Show

Lady Gaga in Beyond boot at Victoria's Secret Show

Lady Gaga has long been a fan of Demonia and Pleaser USA's other brands, especially of the super high platform heels.

During her performance of John Wayne at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion show, she paired the Beyond 1020 10 Inch heel platform boots with a sequined strapless catsuit, statement belt and amazing fringed hat. While Demonia gives a warning on all their extreme styles they should not be worn for walking or dancing, in typical Gaga fashion, she did both with not a stumble! She actually changes into them on stage (watch for the hat!) helped I am sure by the full inner zipper allowing the quick change.

With it's whopping 10 inch stiletto heel and 6 inch platform, The Beyond 1020 is a show stealer for sure! Of course wearing it only feels like a more normal 4 inch heel (10 - 6 = 4 inch heel arch) but it does require some good balance skills! As this is a lace up style pulled tight it can add a little extra stability to heels this high, though they are definitely not recommended for anyone with weak ankles.

For more on the show, click here and watch her awesome performance below!

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