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Demonia Deviants - Sneakers with a Gothic Attitude

Demonia Deviants - Sneakers with a Gothic Attitude
Gothic Sneakers

Looking for sneakers that are beyond ordinary? Deviant Sneakers by Demonia are definitely what you are looking for! All the Deviant styles are as comfortable as sneakers - but as unique as you are.

Demonia has created a popular line of sneakers all with flat, rubber soles that range from low top to knee high boots with studs, bondage straps, and other unique details.  They range from low top, typical (plain) styles to high tops (coming just to the ankle) as well as boots in ankle height and knee height. In canvas or suede, some are plain - but most are just amazing with details like studs, rivets, buckled straps, contrasting trim or lacings - even changeable bondage straps!

Instead of relying on the runway to dictate what the next big thing is, Demonia explores the underground styles of their customers. Pulling ideas from punk inspired sub cultures and reoccurring vintage trends, Demonia shoes have a style as unique as the people that wear them.

While Deviants are all made in mens sizes, they are truly unisex and come in sizes that will fit women too - see our size charts to convert mens sizes to womens.

See the full line of Deviant Gothic Sneakers.

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