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Katy Perry Wears Demonia Camel Boots

Katy Perry Wears Demonia Camel Boots

Katy Perry is probably not the first celeb you think of when you think Demonia Gothic boots, but the pop star has been known to rock platform heels from time to time. And at Burning Man, everyone goes alternative!

At the 2015 Burning Man, Katy went incognito with a total gothic/steampunk look from a gas mask to flame print crop top and mini skirt that she paired with black Demonia Camel-311 platform boots.

The Camel-311 style (which also comes in white) has exposed seams, fur trim, and a chunky 5-inch platform heel that won't sink into the ground at an outdoor festival.  This same heel and platform are also found on Camel ankle boots.

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