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The latest announcements about the store - new features, how to shop, so much more.

Gothic Plus Padlock Is Green - We are Safe and Secure!
Gothic Plus has been encryted with SSL technology for a long time actually, but the little green padlock you see on the browser when shopping our site has been foobared (the technical term! lol) it seems forever! Finally, it is fixed and shows us as the safe, secure website we have always been! Well, on all but Chrome. Chrome is still being stoopid (yes, another technical term) and showing we have some "insecure" content (but of course doesn't do something useful like telling us what it thinks is insecure!), though Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer all show green. So I am celebrating a..
Hades Gothic and Steampunk Shoes Updated
I have finished updating all Hades Gothic and Steampunk shoes with their new for 2015 styles added, better photos added for all products, stock levels updated, and prices actually lowered on a number of styles! Originally launched in 2010 as the brand Metropolis, Hades has grown into a well acknowledged designer and manufacturer of provocative heels and sexy footwear for women with a touch of alternative and designer taste that hasn’t been seen in our new generation of fashion. Hades shoes have been requested in numerous photo shoots, cat walks, TV shows and even celebrity events!  ..
Celebrating World Goth Day 2015

Celebrating World Goth Day May 22 with tons of events worldwide including our 20% off everything sale. 

Find your style FASTER than ever! New Filters!
Filtered Search
I am so happy to say filters are now working on the stores! Filters let you more easily find exactly the style, size and color you are looking for among our hundreds of styles. For example, see the screenshot at right from our women's shoe store, Shoe Ooodles. Now instead of just browsing page after page of women's pumps (which you can still do of course!), you can select your size by clicking on it in the window at the left of the page (the example shows size 8) which would display all shoe styles that are made in that size. If you also select a color like the Red / Burgundy shown in the e..
Just Scroll Down
Product Details
Do you want to know more about a product I sell? Just scroll down! I am in the process of refining the product pages to give you all the vital information right up top - name of the item, brief description, price, key elements of it, options it might come in, photos of it, etc. But then there is yet more to discover about the item just by scrolling down further! As you scroll, you will reveal details including a more detailed description, size chart, properties of the materials used in the item, delivery options for it, warranty and care information, where it is made, fitting guides and ..
Congratulations Candice Glover on Winning American Idol!
American Idol Win
We are so thrilled Candice Glover won American Idol Season 12! All top 3 women were fantastic - Angie Miller, Candice Glover, and Kree Harrison, but when it came down to Candice and Kree, we knew it was going to be Candice. All 3 of them are super talented and probably will all have great careers, but Candice just out sang Kree every time. Congratulations Candice!   ..
Beware of counterfeit Alchemy 1977 items!
I have discovered a company in China is illegally producing pot metal versions of at least two of Alchemy 1977 Gothic's trademarked designs! These counterfeit pieces are being sold in bulk to unsuspecting merchants worldwide. Both the Temptation Snake Ear Wrap and Dragons Lure Ear Wrap are appearing for insanely cheap prices on sites like Ebay and Amazon - in many cases using Alchemy's copyrighted images and trademarked names! The knock-offs are being produced in low quality metal which is often called pot metal (any metal that melts thrown into the pot) and are not the high quality..
Alchemy Gothic 2012 Catalog Online!
Alchemy Gothic
I have finally finished the complete 2012 Alchemy Gothic catalog! Nearly 500 unique and beautiful items are in the store ready to buy! If you are not familiar with this awesome Gothic brand, you need to check them out! Alchemy has been creating awesome Gothic jewelry, home decor and other cool items since 1977 and we've been a fully authorized dealer for them since 2001.  Their pieces have been snapped up by celebrities, rock stars, and seen in TV and movies for years - they are always unique, edgy, and cool with themes of Gothic, Steampunk, and Rock n Roll. Made in the UK of the fi..
I did finish all Demonia brand women's boots, shoes and sandals this weekend, though realized I don't have all the mens styles up yet : *sigh* Seems like I'll never finish adding everything on the stores. I've also been going thru and adding fitting information on the product detail pages. Demonia has finally started providing information on the calf and thigh measurements for their boots - click on the "Product Details" tab on the product page such as this one for Charade 206. Not all styles have this information yet - it will be added as it becomes available. I should have the res..
Working on Demonia styles
I'm tryiing to get the rest of Demonia shoes up on the store this weekend - getting closer to getting them all done! Working on the rest of womens shoes and boots right this moment with the rest of their awesome mens styles to follow. Of course everything I add is on our 15% off summer sale too since the sale doesn't end until midnight on Labor Day, September 3, so take advantage of sale I mean. Once I finish Demonia, I'll be working on finishing Alchemy Gothic's items so stay tuned! Their new catalog should be out within the next few weeks too - I cannot wait myself! ..
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