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Demonia Deviants - Sneakers with a Gothic Attitude
Gothic Sneakers
Looking for sneakers that are beyond ordinary? Deviant Sneakers by Demonia are definitely what you are looking for! All the Deviant styles are as comfortable as sneakers - but as unique as you are. Demonia has created a popular line of sneakers all with flat, rubber soles that range from low top to knee high boots with studs, bondage straps, and other unique details.  They range from low top, typical (plain) styles to high tops (coming just to the ankle) as well as boots in ankle height and knee height. In canvas or suede, some are plain - but most are just amazing with details like st..
Alchemy Gothic 2012 Catalog Online!
Alchemy Gothic
I have finally finished the complete 2012 Alchemy Gothic catalog! Nearly 500 unique and beautiful items are in the store ready to buy! If you are not familiar with this awesome Gothic brand, you need to check them out! Alchemy has been creating awesome Gothic jewelry, home decor and other cool items since 1977 and we've been a fully authorized dealer for them since 2001.  Their pieces have been snapped up by celebrities, rock stars, and seen in TV and movies for years - they are always unique, edgy, and cool with themes of Gothic, Steampunk, and Rock n Roll. Made in the UK of the fi..
How to Lace a Corset
Corset Lacing
That famous scene of Scarlet O’Hara holding onto her bedpost to be strapped into a very tight corset turns many people off the idea of ever trying them. However, that is the extreme. Corsets should be worn snug, but not “omg I cannot breath” tight. Only steel boned corsets should be considered for body modification or extended wear – plastic boning will break over time while the steel bones will probably outlast the corset fabric! And you can put them on yourself – though the first time you wear it, I do suggest having a friend’s help. There are several ways you can lace a corset – some cor..
The difference between corsets and bustiers
Corset vs Bustier
We feature a lot of lovely corsets and bustiers both lingerie and clothing styles. I know they can be confusing though so thought I would explain a bit here. Select corsets are shown on several of our stores, but for our full line of busiers and corsets, please browse Corsets Plus. What is a Bustier? defines bustier as “a close-fitting and strapless top without sleeves that is worn by women either as lingerie or for evening dress,” though strapless isn’t always true. Close-fitting is definitely true – bustiers are generally very form fitting tops generally with a bit of st..
I did finish all Demonia brand women's boots, shoes and sandals this weekend, though realized I don't have all the mens styles up yet : *sigh* Seems like I'll never finish adding everything on the stores. I've also been going thru and adding fitting information on the product detail pages. Demonia has finally started providing information on the calf and thigh measurements for their boots - click on the "Product Details" tab on the product page such as this one for Charade 206. Not all styles have this information yet - it will be added as it becomes available. I should have the res..
Working on Demonia styles
I'm tryiing to get the rest of Demonia shoes up on the store this weekend - getting closer to getting them all done! Working on the rest of womens shoes and boots right this moment with the rest of their awesome mens styles to follow. Of course everything I add is on our 15% off summer sale too since the sale doesn't end until midnight on Labor Day, September 3, so take advantage of sale I mean. Once I finish Demonia, I'll be working on finishing Alchemy Gothic's items so stay tuned! Their new catalog should be out within the next few weeks too - I cannot wait myself! ..
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