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Chalices, Goblets and Vessels at Gothic Plus

Alchemists Potion Bottle Flask
Black Rose Clear Perfume Bottle
Black Rose Perfume Bottle
Double Dragon and Skull Goblet
Double Dragon Goblet
Double Dragon Golden Chalice
Dragon Eye Goblet
Dragon Goblet

Dragon Goblet


Dragon Tankard

Dragon Tankard


Dragonkin Gothic Wine Goblet
Gothic Dragon Wine Goblet
King Arthur Golden Chalice
La Fee Verte Absinthe Shotglass
La Fee Verte Absinthe Spoon
La Fee Verte Absinthe Tumbler
Octopus Clear Perfume Bottle
Pentacle Ceramic Mug
Rampant Dragon Gothic Goblet
Rampant Dragon Wine Goblet
Screaming Skull Goblet
Skeleton Atlas Wine Goblet
Skull Glass Mason Jar Mug
Skull Shot Glass
Steampunk Dragon Goblet
The Alchemist Gothic Shotglass
Thunderhammer Glass Tankard
Viking Horn Pewter Tankard
Winged Dragon Gothic Goblet
Wolf Spirit Wine Goblet
XXX Black Rose Ale Glass

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All items in this section are designed to hold wine or other liquids.

Chalices and Goblets for every day use, ritual or altar chalices, and more in a wide range of designs, sizes and styles. Pitchers and vases give you a gorgeous place to hold favorite beverages or beautiful flowers.