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Belt Buckles and More

Alchemist Rex Buckle with Bronze Rose

The Alchemist skull - logo of Alchemy Gothic - is a fine speciman of a skul..

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Alchemy Pewter Gothic Beads/Beard Rings Set of 3

Finely detailed pewter beads are designed to be worn on a braid in your hai..

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Anima Machinato Futurus Steampunk Buckle

This amazing - and slightly horrific! - gothic belt buckle shows the cross ..

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Artificer Utility Steampunk Charm Pin

Amongst the many essential instruments possessed by a sky-ship officer are ..

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Away from the Roost Gothic Utility Bat Pin

Against the warm, pearlescent moonlight backdrop, a vanguard of silently fl..

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Bat Dress Pins - Set of 3

These delicate little stick pins are perfect for a hat, jacket lapel, so mu..

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Black Leather Plain Belt

High quality, 1½ inches (38mm) wide, black split leather belt straps with p..

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Bronze and Crystal Scroll Triple Hair Pin

Unique Crystal Hair Pin is roughly 6 inches in length and an elegant way to..

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Dancing Fairies Bronze Steampunk Monocle

Unique bronze design monocle has clear glass that will not block your visio..

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Foundryman Ring Cross Shirt Sleeve Band

Pewter and brass piece with black central cabachon crystal on an elastic..

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Gramilion Dragon Pewter Belt Buckle

Finely detailed pewter gothic belt bucke in pewter with polished highlig..

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Key to Progress Shirt Sleeve Band

Pewter and brass piece on an elasticized band. Would also be great ..

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Letter of Marque Pewter Pirate Belt Buckle

Letter of Marque pirate belt buckle with skull and crossed daggers, by Alch..

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Memling Skull Dress Pins - Set of 3

These delicate little skull stick pins are perfect for a hat, jacket lapel,..

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Miasmatic Reactor Core Steampunk Cufflinks

High quality 'Miasmatic Reactor Core' design Alchemy Gothic pewter cufflink..

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Neon Color Suspenders

The suspender straps clip on to your waistband front and back and have adju..

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Nevermore Skull Pewter Belt Buckle

A study in destinal mortal reflection, and a solemn reminder of life's h..

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No Evil Pewter Skull Dreadpunk Belt Buckle

Finely detailed pewter gothic belt bucke - each skull is engraved with o..

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Nosferatu Hand Pewter Belt Buckle

Finely detailed pewter gothic belt bucke in dark pewter with polished hi..

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Octopus Bronze Steampunk Monocle

Unique bronze octopus design monocle has clear glass that will not block yo..

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Omega Skull Pewter Belt Buckle

Omega Skull belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic, engraved with mystical symbols. ..

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Pin Head Skull Kilt Pin

The decidedly alternative kilt pin, a most freakish jewel, and a strong and..

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Rabeschadel Pewter Raven Skull Belt Buckle

German for ravens skull, this buckle represents the great black bird famous..

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Rams Skull Pewter Belt Buckle

The Ram is associated with power, verility, and fertility as well as dar..

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Roseus Pentagram Hair Wand

Made by Alchemy Gothic as a hair stick, it is 10 inches long and works p..

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Russian Roulette Pewter Belt Buckle

Are you man enough to play the deadly game of Russian roulette. Finely deta..

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Skull n Bones Stargazer Cufflinks

Pair of piratical death's heads. With black diamond crystal eyes - One S..

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Skull Pewter Dreadpunk Shirt Buttons

The subtle and effective pewter skulls are sewn through the nose holes. 6 p..

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Steampunk Clock Gear Large Pewter Brooch Pin

Cast from an actual watch gear, this large steampunk brooch pin is 2 inches..

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Steampunk Watch Gear Buttons - Set of 6

Cast from actual watch gears, these pewter buttons come in a set of 6 - per..

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Tattoo Gun Belt Buckle with Web Belt

Authentic, almost life-sized, totally 3-D engineered and sculpted tattoo gu..

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The Alchemist Two Tone Pewter Belt Buckle

The Alchemist skull - logo of Alchemy Gothic - is a fine speciman of a s..

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The Vultures Eye Poe Belt Buckle

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's repeated fascination with eyes, repeatedly..

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Thunder Hammer Pewter Thor Belt Buckle

Finely detailed pewter gothic belt buckle in pewter is ornately detailed..

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Utility Belt with Leg Garter

Multiple pockets with an adjustable closure, it has an elastic leg garter a..

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War Band Pewter Belt Buckle

Pewter belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic fits standard 1 - 1 1/2 inch wide b..

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Wulven Wolf Pewter Belt Buckle

Enameled lunar disk sets off the fierce, howling wolf. Pewter belt b..

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Belt Buckles and More

This section of our online jewelry store features amazing belt buckles, belts, pins, cuff links, and other jewelry pieces just for you. From large gothic belt buckles to dainty little pins, we have unique jewelery you will love.

Our belt buckles and other jewelry designs are in a wide range of styles and materials from sterling silver to fine English Pewter, bronze, and everything in between. Our jewelry pieces are often accented with enameled details, have gemstones or crystal accents, and more. From costume jewelry to fine jewelry, many made by amazing artisans right here in the USA.

We are constantly adding new designs so be sure to check back often - you never know when you will find just the perfect jewelry piece for yourself or a gift.