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Starlinks Gifts

Air Dragon Pewter Necklace

Flying high above the mundane world, Air Dragon brings inspiration and intu..


Basking Draca Crystal Keeper Dragon Necklace

This dragon rests upon a deep golden crystal appearing asleep, but ready to..


Beowulf Horn Necklace for Friendship

Hero of the famed epic poem ‘Beowulf’ of Anglo-Saxon literature, Beowulf va..


Celtic Claddagh Sterling Silver Pendant for Love

This small open center Claddagh pendant features the hands of friendship gr..


Celtic Cross Heart Pendant

Representing the four seasons of the Celtic year, this striking pewter pend..


Cernunnos Necklace for Renewal and Transformation

Lovely detailed pendant of the Celtic Horned God, Cernunnos, is a magic cha..


Cernunnos Necklace for Unity with Nature

Cernunnos is the Celtic god of fertility, life and the underworld. He is th..


Double Dragon Crystal Keeper Necklace

These double dragons form a heart as they face each other with wings unfurl..


Dragonet Crystal Keeper Necklace

This Dragonet displays magnificent wings in all his legendary strength and ..


Drake Leviathan Necklace for Luck

Sir Francis Drake, vice admiral, sea captain and known pirate, sailed the s..


Eye of the Ice Dragon Pewter Necklace for Stability

The ancient Norse believed the world was created of these 5 elements. This ..


Hammer of the Aesir Necklace for Protection

A hammer amulet of the Viking God Thor, incorporating the heads of Tanngnjo..


Hampton Court Rose Cross Necklace

Hampton Court Palace, built in 1514 by Thomas Wolsey, Roman Catholic cardin..


Keepers of the Sacred Flame Necklace

The goddesses Minerva and Vesta, ancient Roman deities, unite in offering d..


King Alfreds Dragon Necklace

King Alfred defended the kingdoms of southern England against Viking invade..


Lion Heart Necklace for Leadership

From a very young age, Richard I - King of England - was known as Coeur de ..


Mjolnir Thors Hammer Pewter Necklace

Viking God Thor's magical hammer is an invincible weapon of supernatural st..


Old Sarum Cypher Necklace for Wisdom

Old Sarum, the earliest settlement of Salisbury in England, lies near the s..


Pentacle Thor's Hammer Pewter Necklace

Viewed as a symbol of consecration and divine regal power by the ancient No..


Pentagram Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Made of solid sterling silver with sterling ear posts and butterflies, thes..


Perfect Love Rose and Thorn Crystal Keeper Necklace

Soft red roses rely on thorny weapons to guard my crystal treasure. The bon..


Pipistrella Crystal Keeper Bat Necklace

This charming Pipistrella bat flares her wings to ward off those in envy of..


Poesy Fairy Crystal Keeper Necklace for Hope

This fairy Poesy extends her wings to dazzle and display, revealing the del..


Queen Boudicca Torc Necklace for Protection

In AD 60, the widowed Boudicca fought fiercely against the Roman invaders w..


Rosycroix Gothic Rose Cross Necklace

In the Enchanted Garden, Rosycroix blooms everlasting, each bud and thorn p..


Runestar Pentagram Necklace

The Great Skalds (poets) found inspiration in the elements around them and ..


Runic Celtic Cross Pewter Pendant

The nine stars on this Celtic Cross represent the nine nights Odin hung on ..


Runic Pewter Pentagram for Achievement

Enhanced by potent runes, this pentagram is reputed to help achieve desires..


Saint Michael Relic Pewter Necklace

The wings and sword of St. Michael are enclosed in the circular torc, favou..


Spyder Pentacle Crystal Keeper Spider Gothic Necklace

From her web she dangles, a pentacle star within for protection, a clear pu..


The Last Unicorn Necklace

Mysteriously beautiful, the unicorn is a fabulous mythological beast and fe..


Thors Hammer for Inner Strength

Red-bearded Thor, the favorite Viking god, was the people's champion with h..


Thors Hammer Necklace for Protection

A hammer amulet of the Viking God Thor is the perfect amulet for protection..


Thors Hammer with Lightning Bolt Pendant

The Hammer of Thor was a supreme symbol of consecration and divine regal po..


Wolf Cross for Vitality and Success

This recreation of a famous Icelandic pendant worn by Christian and pagan V..


Wolf Hammer for Strength and Vitality

The dwarf Eitri forged Thor's hammer, considered by Norse gods to be the be..


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