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Skulls and the Macabre at Gothic Plus

Celebrating the macabre and darker side of life with these statues of skulls, dark arts subjects, and more horrific finds.

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Celtic Skull Small Box
Our Price $28.00

Chaos Demon Bronze Statue
Our Price $48.00

Dance with Death Statue
Our Price $89.00

Dragon Skull Box
Our Price $42.00

Dragon Skull Wall Plaque
Our Price $75.00

Harbinger of Death Statue
Our Price $69.00

Mortalitas Skull Pill Box
Our Price $40.00

Zombie Business Man Statue
Our Price $30.00

Zombie Cheerleader Statue
Our Price $30.00

Zombie Housewife Statue
Our Price $30.00

Zombie Sheriff Statue
Our Price $35.00

Showing 1 to 31 of 31 (1 Pages)

There can be no light without the dark and these statues and plaques celebrate the darker side of life.

Skulls for sale, snakes, demons - all those things horror movies love to show us are included as statues and plaques in this section of our online store. There are no real human skulls or animal skulls here - they are all replicas made in ceramic, resin and other materials. Many are so realistic though, it is hard to tell the difference.

Perfect for gothic decor, Halloween and any fun decorations for your home or office, enjoy our collection of skulls for sale.

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