Store Upgrade Update

The store update is nearly complete! Everything is working and you can place orders as normal. There are a few small things we are still adding and finishing up and if you have any problems placing your order, please contact us - we will be happy to take your order over the phone. Thanks for your patience.

Alchemy Gothic Jewelry & Home Decor

A Fairys Dream Pewter Fantasy Necklace

Spirits of the Otherworld chasing their dreams. With 'fired' stainless stee..


A Murder of Crows Gothic Necklace

A flock of crows is called a murder and this flock encircles your neck in a..


A Rose for Eve Gothic Rose Necklace

Finely detailed tri-tone pewter necklace makes a perfect gift for your lady..


Absinthe Fairy Gothic Pewter Necklace

Absinthe is said to be the spirit of fairies lifting you to flights of fant..


Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Pewter Ring

Large pale green Swarvoski crystal ring is set in a pewter setting with fai..


Ace of Dead Spades Leather Strap Bracelet

The ace of spades is an evocative image on its own referring to the time of..


Aces Up Earring Studs - Set of 4

How can anyone go wrong, when charmed with all the aces of the four suits?&..


Aces Up Pewter Card Symbol Necklace

How can anyone go wrong, when charmed with all the aces of the four suits? ..


Aequicorn Pewter Unicorn Seahorse Necklace

From aequor; sea, equus; horse and cornus; horn - the preserved remains of ..


Aethera Draconem Gothic Dragon Necklace

The Ether Dragon, one of the five pagan guardians of the elements, clutches..


Aetheric Inclinometer Steampunk Compass Purse

The steampunk aviatress must always be prepared. This indipensible compass ..


AGLA Kaballah Pewter Ring

The central Kabbalistic sigil is 'Agla', which stands for 'Thou art mighty ..


Alchemist Black Biker Wallet

A simple and practical, classic leather biker wallet, but stamped with The ..


Alchemist Rex Buckle with Bronze Rose

The Alchemist skull - logo of Alchemy Gothic - is a fine speciman of a skul..


Alchemist Skull Pen Top

Classic Alchemist's skull, cast in (non-toxic), English pewter, securely fi..


Alchemist Skull Pewter Dreadpunk Necklace

A skull clutches a black rose in its teeth. Rendered in fine pewter with a ..


Alchemist Stud Pair of Gothic Skull Earrings

Miniature Alchemist skulls for Acolytes incognito. Finely detailed petite s..


Alchemists Potion Bottle Flask

“What is Poison to one, may be Elixir to another”.  Features a full..


Alchemy Pewter Gothic Beads/Beard Rings Set of 3

Finely detailed pewter beads are designed to be worn on a braid in your hai..


Alchemy Tarot Card Set

If you want a one of a kind "WOW" piece, Alchemy Gothic is the place to get..


Alice Leather Satchel with Skull Detail

A classic, real leather messenger satchel bag, perfect for school, work or ..


Already Disturbed Gothic Quote Metal Sign

Cool metal enameled sign with rustic rope hanging loop. ..


Alter Orbis Pewter Necklace

A skeleton hangs from shackled split nickel-free silver chains.  Rende..


Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pewter Pendant

A classic, ornate and highly intricate amulet of power and protection, fit ..


Amon-Ra Rams Head Pewter Necklace

Stylized, detailed rams head necklace has a crystal drop. On a double ni..


Amourankh Heart and Ankh Drop Earrings

A romantic symbol of love eternal, these pewter earrings combine the all-pe..


Angel of Hades Demon Skull

Even in the deepest, darkest circles of hell, redemption may riseon secret ..


Angel Ring Enochian Necklace

Michael, for the sun; Gabriel, for the moon;  Camael, for Mars; Anael,..


Angels Eye Pewter Ring

The Seal of Metatron, including the pentagram, is engraved in the back of t..


Anguis Aeternus Dragon Pewter Necklace

Finely detailed dragon pendant with giant purple Swarovski crystal treasure..


Anguistralobe Pewter Steampunk Necklace

Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destin..


Anima Machinato Futurus Steampunk Buckle

This amazing - and slightly horrific! - gothic belt buckle shows the cross ..


Ankh of Tau Pewter Necklace

Pewter necklace with gold plated serpent. Comes on a nickel-free silvert..


Ankh of the Dead Pewter Necklace

Vampyre's talisman of eternity, incorporating its secret life-blood blade i..


Aqua Dragon Pewter Necklace

Finely detailed dragon pendant with giant aqua blue Swarovski crystal treas..


Aqua Vitae Pewter Dragon Crest Beer Glass

Aqua Vitae is Latin for Water of Vitality - which can of course mean beer! ..


Artemesia Absinthium Absinthe Fairy Wall Clock

Beguiled by the mortiferous fey spirit of bohemian Montmartre, this verdant..


Artemisia Fairy Pewter Wrist Watch

With translucent 2-colour green enamelled wings & adjustable chain fitt..


Artificer Utility Steampunk Charm Pin

Amongst the many essential instruments possessed by a sky-ship officer are ..


Astral Dragon Quadrant Enlightenment Locket

In the 16th Century, instruments similar to this were used by occultists fo..

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