Store Upgrade Update

Making progress on completing the store update we started a few days ago and product options are working again, though they are not indicating items that are temporarily out of stock. Size charts are also not displaying right now. should have both issues fixed soon - thanks for your patience!

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Green Dragon Hatchling Box

Just emerging from his shell, this green dragon is an adorable addition to ..


Crescens Tragicom Double Sided Moon Necklace

A waxing, crescent moon reflecting two skeletal faces of emotional extremes..


Mera Luna Evil Clown Pewter Necklace

We know clowns are evil, right? This pewter malevolent mien of a fiendis..


Witches Tonic Ceramic Potion Bottle with Raven

Black ceramic potion bottle is  7 3/4 inches high with Witches Tonic a..


Spell Keeper Ceramic Potion Bottle with Owl

Black ceramic potion bottle is  7 3/4 inches high with Spell Keeper an..


Bewitching Potion Ceramic Potion Bottle with Cat

Black ceramic potion bottle is  7 3/4 inches high with Bewitching Poti..


Coppervein Dragon Light by Ruth Thompson

This magnificent copper dragon guards her glowing dragon egg with LED bulbs..


Quicksilver Dragon Light by Ruth Thompson

Perched upon a rocky cave that glows softly thanks to an LED bulb within, t..



Vintage 80s Punk Tuxedo Jacket for Women

This is a vintage style jacket with tuxedo tail, tiny tight fit, button cuf..


Temptation Snake Ear Wrap

Unique piece by Alchemy Gothic in fine English pewter with surgical steel p..


Automatons Eye Steampunk Pewter Ring

A surviving, stand-alone animated integrant of the advanced, life-sized and..


Lace Up Back Lycra Leggings

Black wet look lycra leggings lace up the back with elastic cord. ..


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Gothic Plus Padlock Is Green - We are Safe and Secure!
Gothic Plus has been encryted with SSL technology for a long time actually, but the little green padlock you see on the browser when shopping our site has been foobared (the technical term! lol) it seems forever! Finally, it is fixed and shows us as the safe, secure website we have always been! Well, on all but Chrome. Chrome is still being stoopid (yes, another technical term) and showing we have some "insecure" content (but of course doesn't do something useful like telling us what it thinks is insecure!), though Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer all show green. So I am celebrating a..
Hades Gothic and Steampunk Shoes Updated
I have finished updating all Hades Gothic and Steampunk shoes with their new for 2015 styles added, better photos added for all products, stock levels updated, and prices actually lowered on a number of styles! Originally launched in 2010 as the brand Metropolis, Hades has grown into a well acknowledged designer and manufacturer of provocative heels and sexy footwear for women with a touch of alternative and designer taste that hasn’t been seen in our new generation of fashion. Hades shoes have been requested in numerous photo shoots, cat walks, TV shows and even celebrity events!  ..