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Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Pewter Ring

Large pale green Swarvoski crystal ring is set in a pewter setting with fai..

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AGLA Kaballah Pewter Ring

The central Kabbalistic sigil is 'Agla', which stands for 'Thou art mighty ..

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Angels Eye Pewter Ring

The Seal of Metatron, including the pentagram, is engraved in the back of t..

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Automatons Eye Steampunk Pewter Ring

A surviving, stand-alone animated integrant of the advanced, life-sized and..

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Betrothal Gothic Heart Pewter Ring

Perfect as a Gothic engagement or wedding ring,  gorgeous gothic scrol..

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Black Consort Raven Pewter Ring

An unequivocally loyal companion, the majestic raven, wings outstretched, g..

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Braided Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

The inner ring of this pretty band ring spins freely while the outside rema..

$56.00 View Details

Broken Heart Gothic Skull Pewter Ring

Perfect as a Gothic engagement or wedding ring,  gorgeous gothic sc..

$31.00 View Details

Brushed Black Tungsten Ring with Black Zircons

This stunning brushed black tungsten carbinde steel ring has raised edges, ..

$68.50 View Details

Caput Mortum Pewter Dreadpunk Skull Ring

A reminder of the mortality of us all. Skull heads are 8mm on a band tha..

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Celtic Claddagh Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

The Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol of love, loyalty and friendship...

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Celtic Cross Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

The Celtic Cross has become one of the foremost symbols of Celtic heritage ..

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Celtic Design Black Tungsten Ring

Intricately etched Celtic knot pattern all the way around the 8mm band ring..

$54.00 View Details

Celtic Hearts Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

The Celtic Heart is a mute symbol of the inner passion that burns beneath t..

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Celtic Knot Pentacle Band Ring

Sculpted sterling silver band ring is 3/8 inch high with blackened, antique..

$54.50 View Details

Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

The Triquetra appears to be one of the simplest Celtic Knots, but it's mean..

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Celtic Knotwork Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

The inner ring of this pretty band ring spins freely while the outside rema..

$56.00 View Details

Chaos Signet Pewter Ring

Chaos magick symbol signet ring is enameled in black. The Symbol of Chao..

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Claddagh by Night Pewter Ring

Beautifully made of fine English pewter, this stunning ringis set with a sp..

$36.00 View Details

Claddagh Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling silver Claddagh ring has an oxidized finish for an antique look th..

$32.00 View Details

Claddagh Small Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling silver Claddagh ring is 2mm wide with 8mm x 13mm central design an..

$28.50 View Details

Claddagh Sterling Silver Ring with Crystal Accents

Rhodium plated sterling silver claddagh ring has cubic zirconia accents in ..

$32.00 View Details

Crescent Moon Pentacle Ring in Copper

The crescent moon pentacle shows the Celtic knotwork horned or crescent moo..

$35.00 View Details

Death Skull Pewter Mens Dreadpunk Ring

Pewter skull ring by Alchemy Gothic. ..

$25.00 View Details

Demi Alchemist Two Tone Pewter Ring

Pewter skull ring by Alchemy Gothic. ..

$25.00 View Details

Desolation Winged Skull Pewter Ring

The black winged-skull of survival arises from the ashes of destruction. ..

$24.00 View Details

Deus Et Natura Bronze and Pewter Ring

The solid bronze central band reads "Deus Et Natura No Faciunt Frusta", ..

$30.00 View Details

Devil Heart Pewter Ring

Translucent red enamel horned heart is the centerpiece of this amazing pewt..

$35.00 View Details

Dogaressa Last Love Pewter Heart Ring

Stunning fine pewter Renaissance style ring has a beautiful blue crystal he..

$25.00 View Details

Dr. von Rosensteins Induction Principle Ring

Delicate brass band is set within bands of pewter in this unique ring. ..

$30.00 View Details

Draconis Celtica Dragon Enameled Pewter Ring

Finely detailed pewter band with Celtic Knotwork holds a fearsome dragon..

$32.00 View Details

Elizabethan Gothic Pewter Ring

Presented here in fine English pewter as a romantic ring with a faceted ..

$41.00 View Details

Eye of Horus Pewter Band Ring

Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, became ruler of all the Egyptian Gods af..

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Eye of the Devil Pewter Ring

This haunting ring looks back at you with a blood red Swarovski crystal eye..

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Hells Doorman Pewter Demon Ring

Pewter ring finely detailed skull with rams horns...

$50.00 View Details

Hi-Voltage Toric Generator Steampunk Ring

Industrial-looking wrapped copper center , flanked by angular edging wit..

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In Memoriam Gothic Cross Pewter Ring

Black enameled cross ring in fine English Pewter. ..

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Kokopelli Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

This beautiful silver band features a Kokopelli design. Kokopelli is a fert..

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Necrogram Pewter Skull Ring

Commanding power in the Underworld and communicating with the dead, using t..

$42.00 View Details

Omega Skull Occult Pewter Ring

Covered in alchemical runes and mysterious sigils, this skull ring has c..

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Passion Thorn and Blood Drop Pewter Ring

The tortuous thorns of self sacrifice bleed with tears of Swarovski crys..

$39.00 View Details

Pave Snake Sterling Silver Ring

Rhodium plated sterling silver snake ring. The head and tail of the snake i..

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