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Step into The Crypt

Welcome to The Crypt – your ultimate dark sanctuary within the Gothic Plus online store! Delve into the depths of Gothic culture, fashion, jewelry, and more. Immerse yourself in the shadowy realms of the macabre and explore the haunting beauty that lies within.

The Crypt blog is an exquisite fusion of captivating content and bewitching aesthetics. With a vast knowledge of gothic lore and a penchant for the darkness, our writers will guide you through the labyrinthine corridors of this enigmatic subculture.

Unearth the latest trends in gothic fashion, from elegant Victorian-inspired garments to edgy contemporary designs. Discover how to create your own unique gothic style, blending mysterious allure with an authentic expression of your inner darkness.

The Crypt also offers a haven for lovers of gothic fashion and home decor. Immerse yourself in dark and evocative themes for you and your home.

Whether you're a seasoned goth or simply drawn to the darker side of life, "The Crypt" will be your guide through the realms of Gothic Plus. Join us on this mesmerizing journey, as we celebrate the beauty and allure of the gothic subculture. Step into the shadows, embrace the darkness, and discover the extraordinary within The Crypt today.

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Who Wears Gothic Shoes & Boots?

Gothic fashion has always possessed a unique allure, drawing individuals with an appreciation for the dark, mysterious, and unconventional. Within this captivating subculture, one can find an array of men who proudly embrace gothic shoes and boots as a vital component of their personal style. From the fashion-forward to the rebellious, from the history buffs to the performers, gothic footwear caters to a diverse range of archetypes, each with its unique preferences and passions.In this exploration of gothic footwear for men, we delve into the fascinating world of individuals who find solace, s...

Pikes: History and Modern Adaptation of Winklepicker Shoes

Winklepicker shoes have etched their place in fashion history with their distinctive design and rebellious allure. In this article, we delve into the fascinating journey of winklepicker shoes for men, exploring their rich history, their modern adaptation, and how they continue to make a bold statement in contemporary fashion.The Rebellious Origins:The term "winklepicker" stems from the sharp, elongated pointed shape of the shoe's toe, resembling the beak of a winkle, a type of marine snail. These shoes gained popularity during the rock and roll era when they were embraced by British subculture...

Unisex Creepers - Embracing Alternative Style

Creepers, with their distinctive thick soles and sleek design, have become an iconic choice within the realm of gothic fashion. Originally popularized in the 1950s by the rebellious Teddy Boys, these shoes later found a new home within gothic and punk subcultures. Today, creepers continue to captivate with their unique blend of underground cool and refined sophistication.The defining feature of creepers is their thick, often exaggerated, platform soles. Made from durable materials such as rubber or foam, these soles provide both style and comfort. They not only add height to the wearer but als...

Gothic Boots for Men - Combat, Platforms, and Creepers

Gothic boots have long been associated with an edgy, rebellious aesthetic, allowing individuals to express their unique sense of style and embrace their dark side. In this article, we dive into the realm of gothic boots for men, focusing on three iconic styles: combat boots, platform boots, and creepers. Join us as we unravel the allure, historical influences, and fashion-forward possibilities these boots offer to those who dare to stand out from the crowd.Combat Boots:Combat boots have a rich history, originally designed for military use. These rugged boots feature a lace-up front, sturdy con...

How to Style Platform Boots for Women

Platform boots for women are not only a trendy fashion choice but also a means to express your unique style. With their various styles, materials, and designs, these versatile footwear options offer endless possibilities for creating captivating outfits. Here's a comprehensive style guide to help you make the most of platform boots and elevate your fashion game:Casual Chic:For a laid-back yet stylish everyday look, ankle-length platform boots are the perfect choice. Pair them with jeans or leggings to create a casual chic ensemble. Opt for versatile neutral colors like black or brown that can ...

Katy Perry's Unexpected Gothic Style: Exploring Her Demonia Platform Boot Obsession

When you think of Demonia Gothic boots, Katy Perry may not be the first celebrity that comes to mind. However, this pop star has surprised fans by rocking platform heels from time to time, proving that her style knows no boundaries. And when it comes to Burning Man, where everyone embraces alternative fashion, Katy Perry truly stands out.During the 2015 Burning Man festival, Katy decided to go incognito, transforming herself into a captivating blend of gothic and steampunk aesthetics. From a mysterious gas mask to a mesmerizing flame print crop top and mini skirt, her ensemble exuded a sense o...

What is Vegan Leather? Exploring the Rise of Faux Leather in the Fashion Industry

Vegan leather has emerged as a prominent trend in the fashion industry, particularly when it comes to shoes and boots. But what exactly is this intriguing material that is capturing the attention of eco-conscious individuals worldwide?In a world where sustainability and ethical practices are becoming increasingly important, the traditional method of using animal hides, such as cows or pigs, to produce leather is gradually losing its appeal. As a result, the term "vegan leather" was introduced a few years ago as a more environmentally conscious alternative. Essentially, vegan leather refers to ...

Bella Thorne's Alluring Gothic Ensemble: Emily 375 Thigh High Boots by Demonia

During the highly anticipated premiere of her series "Famous in Love" in New York City back in April 2017, actress Bella Thorne embraced a cute and captivating Gothic look that has become a sensation. The stunning pictures of Bella rocking this ensemble have recently surfaced, showcasing her unique fashion sense.Bella's stylish outfit featured an expertly layered combination of elements. She effortlessly draped a graphic tee over a long sleeve fishnet shirt, adding a touch of allure to her ensemble. Accompanied by fishnet tights, her all-black attire was beautifully complemented by a pale pink...

Taylor Momsen's Effortlessly Gothic Style: Adore-2043 Buckled Platform Boots by Demonia

Taylor Momsen, known for her multifaceted talents as a singer, songwriter, model, and actor, is a devoted fan of Demonia footwear. Whether she's performing on stage or off-duty, Taylor frequently showcases her love for the alternative brand, often opting for their striking designs. One particular favorite of hers is the Adore-2043 buckled platform boots, which she has been spotted wearing during Pretty Reckless concerts and while roaming the streets, as seen in these captivating photos. With her signature style and confident attitude, the Pretty Little Liars star effortlessly embodies head-to-...

Lady Gaga's Grammy Awards Fashion Statement: Rock Star Glam in Flamingo 3000 Thigh High Platform Boots

Lady Gaga, a true fashion chameleon and music sensation, never fails to captivate with her bold and daring style choices. At the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12, Gaga once again stunned the crowd with her impeccable fashion sense. Paired with sexy hot pants and a cropped bolero jacket, she exuded rock-star glamour from head to toe. However, it was her choice of footwear that truly stole the show—the Flamingo 3000 thigh-high platform boots by Pleaser USAThe Flamingo 3000 boots perfectly complemented Gaga's provocative outfit, adding an extra touch of edginess and confidence to her ensemble...

Rihanna's Stylish Endorsement: Demonia's Black Vegan Suede Creeper 101 Loafers

Rihanna, a renowned icon in the music and fashion industry, continues to captivate audiences with her impeccable sense of style. Known for her fearless fashion choices, Rihanna has become a true trendsetter. It comes as no surprise that she has shown her appreciation for Demonia, a brand known for its alternative and edgy footwear designs.One particular favorite of Rihanna's is the black vegan suede Creeper 101 loafers by Demonia. These loafers have caught her attention, and she has been spotted wearing them on multiple occasions. Rihanna effortlessly combines these stylish loafers with a simp...

Lady Gaga's Unforgettable Performance at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with Demonia's Beyond 1020 Heel Platform Boots

Lady Gaga, an iconic figure in the music and fashion industry, has long been an avid supporter of Demonia and Pleaser USA's other brands, particularly their super high platform heels. Known for her bold and avant-garde style, Lady Gaga never fails to make a fashion statement, and her choice of footwear is no exception.During her electrifying performance of "John Wayne" at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lady Gaga stunned the audience with her fearless style and captivating stage presence. She paired the Beyond 1020 10-inch heel platform boots by Demonia with a dazzling sequined strapl...

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