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Extreme High Heels at Gothic Plus

Extreme High Heels

Gothic shoes go extreme with these sky high stilettos including 10 inch high heels.

Famously rocked by Lady Gaga, Demonia platform boots with 10 inch heels are not for everyone, so we include 8 and 9 inch heels in this collection if you want something a little lower and be sure to check all our shoe styles for other size heels.

If you want the height of a 10 inch heel but not the discomfort, go with a 10 inch platform shoe style. The platform lessens the strain on your arch by making it feel like a lower heel - for example a 10 inch platform boot with a 6 inch heel feels like a 4 inch heel to the wearer (10 - 6 = 4 inches). The difference in heel to platform height is the shoe rise and gives you the height without the pain.

Styles like our Ballet fetish shoes on the other hand have an 8 inch stiletto heel on a single sole with no platform - that means it will arch your foot by 8 inches to rest just the top of your toes on the ground!

As you can imagine, a platform style is far more comfortable and easy to walk in though it does require good balance and strong muscles. Many of these extreme heels are worn for photo shoots and not intended for walking, but with some practice, you can strut confidently in any heel height. 

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